The eHealth Readiness of Australia's Allied Health Sector - Final Report

Available interventions

Page last updated: 30 May 2011

The research indicates that a focus on educating and training individual practitioners will be insufficient. This focus would not address some fundamental barriers to adoption, such as the suitability or limitations of available eHealth solutions, and how they are delivered across the relevant health network. Actions to influence the use of eHealth applications by allied health practitioners must work along three complementary axes, being those that:

    1. Shape the eHealth products, i.e. the eHealth solutions as a whole, including any IT hardware, software, delivery and support
    2. Shape the demand for those products among allied health practitioners, and
    3. Shape the health ecosystems] in which those practitioners work Along each of these three axes, certain interventions will work better with some clusters than others. These are summarised in Table 1 below. Further, some interventions must be launched before others: in any adoption strategy, there will be an establishment period, a time in which momentum is built, and a time for consolidating real change. The nature and timing of these interventions are discussed in more detail in the body of the report.