Evaluation Toolkit for Breastfeeding Programs and Projects

June 2012

4. Collecting and interpreting data

Page last updated: 04 November 2013

“We had no way to evaluate the service and after it had been opened for a year I used Survey Monkey and devised a series of questions which we sent to mothers who had used the service over a two month period. The result was the clinic was moved to a location with better parking, responding to a complaint that the car park was always full, and the only other complaint was waiting times, hence we opened five full days a week. One year ago we repeated the survey and the women who replied were very happy with the service and if they discontinued breastfeeding had felt supported and were happy with the outcome.” (lactation consultant)

So now you have your program goals clearly stated, you have your evaluation plan, you have mapped your stakeholders and decided who is going to be involved and how you will communicate with different people, you have considered the need for ethics approval, and you have identified what you need to collect and who is going to do it. Now what?

The time has come to implement your plan. It can be good to have formal beginning and end points, so that people know that the activity has started, and when data collection has finished.