Evaluation Toolkit for Breastfeeding Programs and Projects

June 2012

4.4 Other considerations

Page last updated: 04 November 2013

4.4.1 Recompense of participants’ time

While many people will be willing to fill in a survey or participate in a short interview, participation in longer interviews or focus groups, or being part of an evaluation advisory group, may involve transport and time costs. It may be appropriate when asking people to participate in research which may involve this type of inconvenience to offer some sort of reimbursement, either for travel money, or by providing lunch, or perhaps cash or a store voucher to recognise their contribution.

4.4.2 Managing an evaluation

It is important to nominate a person who will be responsible for taking charge of the overall evaluation project. This person’s key tasks will be to make sure that data is being collected accurately and when required, that there is a clear process for analysing data, and that information and findings are communicated to all stakeholders. Depending on the size of the project, this person may need to let go of other duties for the duration to make sure they have time to oversee the evaluation. Of course, this needs to be decided at the beginning of the project, so everyone is in agreement about tasks and responsibilities.