Getting Your Claims Right

5. Making a general level health claim

Page last updated: 21 October 2014

Building a general level health claim

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Schedule 3 may be amended by application to FSANZ.

Refer to the Guidance on establishing food-health relationships for general level health claims for establishing a food-health relationship by systematic review in accordance with Schedule 6.A general level health claim is defined as a health claim that is not a high level health claim (see glossary).

A general level health claim is defined as a health claim that is not a high level health claim (see glossary).

The requirements outlined in Sections 2 and 4 of this document also apply when making a general level health claim.

There are two ways to establish food-health relationships that underpin a general level health claim:

  • pre-approved relationships as listed in Schedule 3 of Standard 1.2.7
  • by following the process of systematic review as described in Schedule 6 of Standard 1.2.7.

Any of the relationships listed in Schedule 3 may be used for making general level health claims. If a relationship from Schedule 3 is used, all necessary conditions relating to that relationship need to be met.

If a food-health relationship is established by systematic review, the person responsible for making the claim must notify the FSANZ CEO of the details of the relationship between the food or property of food and the health effect. Refer to the FSANZ website for information to consider when notifying self-substantiated food-health relationship in accordance with Standard 1.2.7.

Building a general level health claim based on Schedule 3:

  • Calcium is listed in Schedule 3.
  • Column 1 (Food or property of food): Calcium.
  • Column 2 (Specific health effect): Necessary for normal teeth and bone structure.
  • Column 3 (Relevant population): No relevant population required.
  • Column 4 (Dietary Context): No additional dietary context required.
  • Column 5 (Conditions): The food must meet the general claim conditions for making a nutrition content claim about calcium.

Templates are provided to help food businesses build a general level health claim based on either a pre-approved food-health relationship or systematic review; and demonstrate due diligence in attempting to comply with the Food Standards Code.

These templates should be used with the associated ‘Checklist for General Level Health Claims (pre-approved)’ and ‘Checklist for General Level Health Claims (systematic review)’.

A separate template and associated checklist should be used for each claim.