Healthy Eating Guideline

Plan mealtimes to be positive, relaxed and social.

Make mealtimes enjoyable

Mealtimes are a chance for kids to develop good eating habits.
  • It’s also a time when kids and adults can spend time together, talk and relax.
  • Kids can help to pack away games and set the table.
  • Sit with kids and encourage them to talk with each other.
  • Mess is normal and part of learning to eat.
  • Encourage kids to try new foods.
  • Don’t let kids throw or spit food.
  • Help kids learn how to eat but never force kids to eat.

Kids can enjoy eating healthy food

  • Make mealtimes fun.
  • Let kids know the difference between ‘sometimes’ and ‘everyday’ foods.
  • Don’t use food to reward or punish a child – this can start unhealthy food habits.

Be positive - talk about how food helps us to grow healthy and strong

  • Let kids know when they do something good.
  • Try not to make comments about a child’s weight.
  • Try not to say bad things about your own body or weight.
  • Avoid labelling foods ‘good’ or ‘bad’.