Report on the regulatory framework for hearing services

The Legislation

Review of the efficiency and effectiveness of the regulatory framework for hearing services July 2012. The Report was prepared for the Office of Hearing Services by MP Consulting

Page last updated: 28 November 2012

The hearing services scheme is established through the Hearing Services Administration Act 1997, which describes: the client eligibility criteria; the way in which vouchers are to be issued; and the means for accrediting and contracting service providers. In essence, the Act sets the broad parameters for the scheme and it then enables delegated legislation to expand on various aspects of the scheme. There are currently five pieces of delegated legislation made under the Act:

  • Hearing Service Providers Accreditation Scheme 1997
  • Hearing Services Voucher Rules 1997
  • Hearing Services Rules of Conduct 2012
  • Hearing Services (Participants in the Voucher System) Determination 1997
  • Hearing Services (Eligible Persons) Determination 1997

In addition, the Community Services Obligations component of the Hearing Services Program is managed by Australian Hearing, which is established under the Australian Hearing Services Act 1991. Two other pieces of legislation which expand on aspects of Australian Hearing operations are:
  • Declared Hearing Services Determination 1997
  • Australian Hearing Services Regulations 1992.

For the purposes of this report, neither the Community Service Obligations component of the Hearing Services Program or the Australian Hearing legislation has been reviewed.