Report on the regulatory framework for hearing services

Chapter 6 - The objectives of any reform

Review of the efficiency and effectiveness of the regulatory framework for hearing services July 2012. The Report was prepared for the Office of Hearing Services by MP Consulting

Page last updated: 28 November 2012

The objectives of any reform are to improve the regulation of hearing services such that:

  • the objectives of the regulation are clear
  • the regulation is simply and clearly expressed
  • the regulation is risk based with regulatory effort matched to risk
  • where possible, regulatory requirements are expressed as outcomes to be achieved - with industry responsible for identifying the most efficient and effective means by which to achieve the required outcome. More prescriptive requirements should only be retained where this is necessary and in the interests of clients, industry and government
  • administrative costs are minimised for clients, service providers, device suppliers and government
  • unnecessary duplication, redundancy and outdated provisions are removed
  • the regulation ensures consistency in decision making
  • the OHS has a range of options available to identify and address any non-compliance.

Any reforms should also be achieved in a way that minimises cost, disruption and uncertainty for all stakeholders.