Report on the regulatory framework for hearing services

Option A - Maintain the status quo

Review of the efficiency and effectiveness of the regulatory framework for hearing services July 2012. The Report was prepared for the Office of Hearing Services by MP Consulting

Page last updated: 28 November 2012

Description of the option

This option preserves the status quo.
  • vouchers – Clients would continue to apply for a voucher from the OHS in order to access government funded hearing services and devices. The OHS would continue to assess eligibility against criteria detailed in the Act and delegated legislation and to manually issue vouchers to clients.
  • accreditation - Service providers would continue to be accredited in accordance with delegated legislation (and administrative application requirements).
  • contracting – Service providers would continue to be required to enter into a contract with the Commonwealth relating to the provision of hearing services.
  • conditions of operation (i.e. ongoing obligations) - These would continue to be described in a range of legislative and contractual documents including the contract, the Deed, the instrument of accreditation, and delegated legislation.
  • devices and device specifications – Suppliers would continue to be registered with the OHS and subject to the requirements detailed in the Deed.

    The advantages and disadvantages of the option

    • This option does not meet the objectives of reform that are detailed in the previous chapter.
    • Specifically, the regulation would continue to:
      – be unclear
      – include duplications, overlapping regulation and redundancy
      – not be well matched to the risk
      – be inefficient.

    The extent of legislative drafting required

    • Nil.

      Implementation timeframes

      • N/A.

        Cost implications

        • As noted in the discussion of other options, it is likely that cost savings will be made by reforming the scheme. These savings are unlikely to be realised if the status quo is maintained.