Central Australia Renal Study - Executive Summary

iii.ii Location of People Needing Treatment

Page last updated: 23 June 2011

The Study sought and obtained data from key stakeholders which described the current distribution of patients with advanced kidney disease by community in the CA region. A large number of people identified as having advanced kidney disease are living in Alice Springs or Tennant Creek, who, based on previous research, are likely to have relocated from a remote community. Data collected for this Study indicates that many remote communities have a small number of people identified with advanced kidney disease. The small numbers commencing and needing dialysis in individual communities at any point in time is highly variable, making it difficult to predict future demand for services.

Data provided for the Study allowed capture of important information about community resources, alongside disease prevalence. These data were able to inform the preferred renal services model and, in particular, where service expansion might most sustainably and affordably be commenced.