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AustCycle: National Cycling Training Scheme

Page last updated: 20 April 2012

Organisation name:

Cycling Australia, in partnership with the Amy Gillett Foundation

Brief outline of program:

The AustCycle program is a system of cycling training involving cycling lessons tailored to individual and group needs. The types of courses range from beginner lessons through to skills to support riding to work (or transport in general), health, fitness or recreation.

AustCycle cycling training courses are not a specific length or format. The training course provided depends on the age, skill, attitudes and confidence of the participants, and the environment in which they will be riding. Most people who have ridden a bike before and wish to improve their skills and confidence require two or three sessions of one or two hours in a group of up to 12 students to one instructor. Beginners may require six to eight lessons, the first few in a group with one instructor to one or two pupils.

The courses may vary from place to place as training is tailored by instructors to local conditions and to meet the needs of participants. Some instructors offer specialised tuition, for instance to older people or those with disabilities. In remote communities, where instructors may have to travel long distances, the training would probably be more intensive. For example, a course of one lesson a week over several weeks would be delivered over one or two days instead.

Program target:

AustCycle is suitable for all adults, including those with, or at risk of, chronic diseases.

Who delivers the program?


Only individuals who have completed an AustCycle Teacher Accreditation Program may deliver the program. To be eligible for the Teacher Accreditation Program, individuals must first meet the following pre-requisites:
  • complete a one-day Cycling Australia CycleSkill Coach Training Program (see note below); and
  • have a First Aid qualification.
Note: There are no pre-requisites for the CycleSkill Coach Training Program course. These courses are run by state cycling associations. For more information about these courses, visit Cycling Australia at


AustCycle Providers are independent licensees who employ Teachers to deliver AustCycle training courses. Providers are usually small businesses, but can also include community groups, cycling clubs and local councils. In many cases Providers are also Teachers.

To become a Provider, individuals must:
  • demonstrate their ability to meet professional standards, capacity to conduct a small business, and commitment to ongoing professional development;
  • agree to a Code of Conduct; and
  • comply with AustCycle’s occupational health and safety policies and legal requirements of the state or territory where they operate.
Providers do not need to be available in an LGA in order for Teachers to run courses in that area. Providers can employ Teachers that are based remotely in other regions, and several already do so.

Training provided to those who deliver the program:

The AustCycle Teacher Accreditation Program is delivered face-to-face over two days and includes a mix of theory and practical activities. The Teacher Accreditation Program courses are delivered by accredited assessor/presenters in all states and territories, except Tasmania and the Northern Territory. If distance presents a barrier to attending training courses, some subsidies may be available.

On the completion of the training and assessment, Teachers must agree to a Code of Conduct and pass a police ‘Working with Children’ check. Teachers will then be provided with a licence card confirming accreditation as an AustCycle Teacher and insurance under the AustCycle insurance cover.

Cost of training and licensing


The two day AustCycle Teacher Accreditation Program course costs $495 and the pre-requisite one-day Cycling Australia Cycle Skill Coach Training Program costs $150-175. Subsidies of up to $495 may be available to assist individuals in regional and remote areas to access the training courses. Certain eligibility requirements apply.

The annual license fee for Teachers is $55 or $33 if they are a registered Cycling Australia Coach.


Providers pay a one-off licence fee of $990 and a monthly fee of $99 for the first Teacher they employ and an additional $22 per month each for any subsequent Teachers they employ.

Cost of participating in the program:

Participant fees are set by individual AustCycle Teachers. In general, the charge to participants is approximately $5 to $11 per hour of class time. Where classes are small, charges may be higher.

There is no cost to LGAs who want to utilise the program. However, LGA Grant recipients may choose to subsidise participant fees or assist local Teachers with the AustCycle Teacher Accreditation Program course fees and licensing in return for them setting lower participant fees.

Venue and equipment:

AustCycle Providers will select a suitable location for training in each local area. This may be a car park, school grounds or a local park. Some more advanced training is conducted on public roads.

Participants are required to provide their own helmet and a bike in good working order. However, if this presents a barrier to participation, AustCycle can assist with sourcing bicycles for use in the courses.

How the organisation will engage with LGAs to offer the program:

AustCycle staff will contact LGA Grant recipients by telephone to:
  • explain the AustCycle program;
  • discuss the particular needs of the LGA and program delivery options;
  • identify suitable venues;
  • identify potential AustCycle Teachers and Providers; and
  • identify local stakeholders, such as local cycling clubs or Bicycle User Groups, for consultation/collaboration.
Based on consultations with Healthy Communities Coordinators and other stakeholders, AustCycle will then develop an individual plan for delivering the program in the LGA.

How the organisation will support the delivery of the program in LGAs:

AustCycle will provide Teachers and Providers in each LGA with ongoing support to deliver the program. This will include the provision of:
  • a business manual with useful information on running a cycling training business;
  • training manuals with lesson plans and other helpful tips on training delivery;
  • assistance to organise launch events;
  • facilitating contact with local media outlets, community organisations and events to promote the AustCycle program in the local area; and
  • marketing advice and materials such as brochures, flyers and presentations.

More information:

For more information, visit or contact AustCycle at Cycling Australia on (02) 9339 5842.