Role of applicants during the application process

Organisations applying for the LGA Grants are responsible for all aspects of the development of their application for funding. Organisations submitting applications must ensure the accuracy of all information provided as part of the application process. Organisations seeking funding are also responsible for carrying out any discussions with potential partner organisations and must be prepared to meet any costs associated with the development of the application.

Role of the Department during the application process

The Department will be responsible for advertising the call for applications, checking all applications for compliance, convening an Assessment Panel, and preparing a shortlist for the delegate’s approval.

The Department will also be responsible for responding to queries in relation to the application process and for resolving any uncertainties that may arise in relation to application requirements. The Department will also update Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and other key information at Contact details for the Department are provided on page 11.

Role of funded organisations

Funded organisations will be responsible for ensuring that the terms and conditions of the funding agreement are met and that the project is managed in a cost effective and efficient manner. The funded organisation is also responsible for:
  • nominating a project manager or management group;
  • maintaining contact with the Department;
  • establishing clear and simple mechanisms to handle any unforeseen problems in conducting the project successfully and on time;
  • reporting regularly (as specified in the funding agreement) on project performance and expenditure;
  • providing copies of relevant materials and resources to the Department upon request (as specified in the funding agreement);
  • providing audited financial statements where necessary, as specified in the funding agreement; and
  • providing a final report and audited financial statement at the conclusion of the project.

Role of the Department in managing funded programs

The Department is responsible for:
  • developing funding agreements for successful applicants to enter into;
  • identifying and providing information about the National Programs Grants, Quality Framework and overarching evaluation requirements;
  • monitoring the performance of projects to ensure that conditions of the funding agreement are met;
  • assessing activity and expenditure reports and undertaking follow up activity as necessary;
  • making milestone payments on acceptance of milestone reports, as specified in the funding agreement; and
  • acquitting funding at the completion of projects.