Healthy Weight 2008 - Australia's Future - The National Action Agenda for children and young people and their families

Family and Community Care Services (including social work, child protection, juvenile justice, Centrelink, outreach services to vulnerable and disadvantaged groups

Page last updated: 04 July 2011

Outcomes sought

  • Improved environments and learning experiences in family and community care settings, which promote healthy eating and active play.
  • Improved knowledge, confidence, skills and resources in family and community care workers to promote healthy eating and active living with their clients.
  • Improved referral of clients to appropriate and affordable support services and facilities—especially for parents of overweight young people.

2004 Actions

Health sector leadership:

Seek and joint Call to Action with relevant Children and Family Services and Health Ministers.
  • Develop, disseminate and promote physical activity guidelines for children under five.
  • Disseminate, promote and implement the NHMRC Dietary Guidelines for Children and Adolescents.

Collaboration across sectors:

  • Introduce ‘good practice’ standards on healthy eating and physical activity that meet the above guidelines and build into the accreditation and funding frameworks.
  • Implement ‘good practice’ interventions, including training for family and community care workers and information and support for parents, grandparents and carers on active living and healthy eating.
  • Ensure that, where relevant, assistance with living skills includes assistance with food preparation and developing healthy eating habits.