Healthy Weight 2008 - Australia's Future - The National Action Agenda for children and young people and their families

Media and Marketing (including television, cinemas, videos, electronic games, print, internet and commercial advertising, marketing and promtions)

Page last updated: 04 July 2011

Outcomes sought

  • Increased level of media activity and industry marketing, which promotes healthy food and drinks choices, healthy eating and active living (as set out in NHMRC guidelines).
  • Better protection for young people against the promotion of high-energy, poor nutritional value foods and drinks and/or sedentary lifestyles through advertising and media that encourage unhealthy eating, inactivity and overweight.

2004 Actions

Health sector leadership:

  • Coordinate a national program of marketing and communication activities, which supports healthy weight through promoting healthy eating and active living.
  • Undertake research to understand and assess the impact of current food and drinks advertising practices on community levels of overweight and obesity.

Collaboration across sectors:

  • Monitor and assess the effectiveness of the Children’s Television Standards and the revised regulatory framework for food and drinks advertising to children in meeting health objectives, and recommend modifications if necessary (eg the inclusion of health objectives in the regulatory code of practice).