Healthy Weight 2008 - Australia's Future - The National Action Agenda for children and young people and their families

Neighbourhoods and community organisations (including state/territory government, local government, community groups, recreation and sporting bodies, and private organisations)

Page last updated: 04 July 2011

Outcomes sought

  • Increased safe, active play and active travel/transport in neighbourhoods by young people.
  • Improved availability and promotion of healthy foods and physical activity for young people and families through community groups and organisations.
  • Improved quality and location of physical and service infrastructure to support healthy eating and active living.
  • Improved built environment that is more supportive of physical activity, active living and healthy eating

2004 Actions

Collaboration across sectors:

  • Seek a joint Call to Action by Local Government, Planning and Health Ministers, the Australian Local Government Association and the Planning Institute of Australia.
  • Introduce healthy eating and active living initiatives in existing and future urban design projects, neighbourhood renewal and community strengthening programs.
  • Strengthen state/territory government, local government and community planning of physical and service infrastructure to support healthy eating and active living (eg density of food outlets, integrated planning for ‘mixed-use localities’, availability of swimming pools in rural areas).
  • Develop and promote tools for local government and community organisations (including sporting bodies) on ‘good practice’ options, including partnerships with the private sector such as retailers, the development industry and community service providers.
  • Promote the National Indigenous Housing Guide to ensure improvement in household environment design and essential amenities (eg food storage, cooking facilities, power, safe water, and sanitation).
  • Investigate ways to address legal liability issues where they pose barriers to active living.