Healthy Weight 2008 - Australia's Future - The National Action Agenda for children and young people and their families

Schools - Primary and Secondary (including public and private schools, and use of school facilities)

Page last updated: 04 July 2011

Outcomes sought

Improved school environments and education activities, which promote healthy eating and physical activity.
  • Enhanced use of school settings as a way to strengthen the knowledge and skills of parents and carers about physical activity and healthy eating.
  • Increased participation of students, staff, parents, and the community in creating the solutions.

2004 Actions

Collaboration across sectors:

  • Seek a joint Call to Action by Education, Sport, Recreation and Health Ministers.
  • Identify, disseminate and implement ‘good practice’ and innovative curricula and environmental interventions on a national basis (eg fruit and vegetable promotion, cooking skills, physical activity).
  • Promote widely the implementation of the NHMRC Dietary Guidelines for Children and Adolescents and Australian Guide to Healthy Eating by introducing standards for school canteens, vending machines, fund raising, sponsorships, special events, and by strengthening nutrition education in the curriculum.
  • Develop and promote widely the implementation of physical activity guidelines for children and adolescents, and increase the amount and reach of physical education in schools (including traditional Indigenous games).
  • Support initiatives for safe active travel/transport to school (eg walking/cycling to school programs).
  • Develop integrated programs to reduce excessive television watching and computer games using multiple strategies with young people, teachers and parents.
  • Forge and extend partnerships between schools and the wider community to raise awareness and provide resources and information to young people and families (eg sporting and recreational bodies, local government, horticulture industry).
  • Develop programs to support children and adolescents to be advocates for healthy eating and active living