Child Care (including child care centres, family day care and outside school hours care)

Outcomes sought

  • Improved environments and learning experiences in early childhood care/education settings, which promote healthy eating and active play.
  • Enhanced use of childcare settings as an avenue to strengthen the knowledge and skills of parents and carers about physical activity and healthy eating (including breast-feeding).
  • Increased participation of children, staff, parents and the community in creating the solutions.

2004 Actions

Health sector leadership:

  • Seek a joint Call to Action with relevant Children and Family Services and Health Ministers.
  • Develop, disseminate and promote physical activity guidelines for children under five.
  • Disseminate, promote and implement the NHMRC Dietary Guidelines for Children and Adolescents.

Collaboration across sectors:

  • Introduce ‘good practice’ standards on healthy eating and physical activity that meet the above guidelines and build on accreditation and funding frameworks.
  • Address real and perceived barriers that may limit the achievement of standards and guidelines (eg legal liability issues, food safety regulations) including education with regard to ‘perceived’ barriers.
  • Implement ‘good practice’ interventions, including training for childcare workers and information and support for parents, grandparents and carers on active play and healthy eating (including breast feeding).