Healthcare Identifiers Act and Service Review - Final Report - June 2013

2.5 Strategy

Page last updated: 28 November 2013

The majority of stakeholders who provided input into the Review raised concerns that fragmentation in governance, development, implementation and operation of components of the e-Health strategy could compromise the effectiveness of the HI Service in meeting the needs of all the programs and users who have dependencies on the system.

In the absence of detailed requirements, specifications and designs for other programs that would use the Service, the controls placed around the HI Service through the Act, policy framework and functionality at the time it was implemented were appropriate. Now that systems like the PCEHR system are being introduced, and the requirements and operating model of other programs are better understood, maintaining a segregation between the HI Service and the other components of the e-Health strategy presents some risks to the utility of the Healthcare Identifiers system, ease of use for end users, future design decisions and the operating efficiency across the broader e-Health context.

A strategic roadmap that integrates future Healthcare Identifiers development with the requirements of the PCEHR system, NASH, Secure Messaging Delivery (SMD) and other emerging e-Health programs would assist in making sure the initiatives are aligned and in understanding dependencies between the Healthcare Identifiers and other programs to inform prioritisation of change requests.

Recommendation 6 – Strategic planning

It is recommended that NEHTA, DHS and DOHA consider developing a formal product management process including a strategic roadmap and annual business plan for the HI Service that identifies for a 12 month period all changes to be implemented, structure of releases, budget and required resources. This plan should be used as the basis for communication and reporting to stakeholders.

Recommendation 7 – Resourcing

It is recommended that NEHTA and DHS review the resource requirements, budget and responsibilities required to support ongoing product development and the HI Service strategic roadmap.

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