Alignment of provider requirements across legislation supporting e-Health initiatives would make it easier to standardise and manage policies and simplify the policy environment for staff of the HI Service and end users. Healthcare providers are currently attempting to develop separate internal policies to govern use of the HI Service. This will introduce a number of complexities for staff, increasing the risk of non-compliance, and creating a considerable overhead for healthcare organisations in maintaining and implementing separate (but often similar) policies. There is a need for greater clarity about responsibilities for policy and provision of definitive policy advice to be communicated to HI Service stakeholders.

Assistance in developing local level policies and procedures and associated change management documentation would assist in promoting a common understanding about obligations (e.g. data quality, privacy and security and maintenance of access and audit information). Stakeholders are seeking further policy advice on some aspects of the Service, particularly relating to the impact of differing HPI-O seed and network structures on business processes, policy and procedures, the requirements for Responsible Officers (RO), Organisation Maintenance Officers (OMO), and authorised employee authorities in different types of organisations and the implications of assuming this role for the individuals.

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