Healthcare Identifiers Act and Service Review - Final Report - June 2013

4.5 Operational support

Page last updated: 28 November 2013

There was positive feedback from stakeholders on the support they received from DHS call centre staff, in relation to both Healthcare Identifiers support and online technical support for vendors. It was reported that staff are helpful and assistance has been timely. However it was also reported that the advice given by different staff can be variable and that staff may need more guidance to ensure that consistent responses are provided to questions from stakeholders (for example, one Medicare Local found that some staff would provide them with information on providers in their area, others would not, saying that it would be a breach of privacy).

Across programs (HI Service, PCEHR system etc.) there are separate entry points for user support. Users who do not distinguish between components find it difficult to navigate the disparate support structures. In some situations (e.g. advice on setting up HPI-O structures) both NEHTA and DHS service desks handle calls. It would clarify responsibilities and simplify navigation for users if clearer guidelines were developed on responsibilities for different call types and hand off processes between NEHTA and DHS service desks were agreed.

Recommendation 18 – End user support structures

It is recommended that:

  1. As an interim measure a single point of contact for support for national e-Health systems and infrastructure is implemented with referral to appropriate support desks as a back end process to simplify support for users
  2. Consideration be given to transitioning to an integrated application and technical support structure for national e-Health systems.

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