Healthcare Identifiers Act and Service Review - Final Report - June 2013

5.3.2 Guidance and implementation materials

Page last updated: 28 November 2013

Most sites interviewed felt that they needed more support with implementation and guidance on appropriate ways to set up their organisational structures, as well as practical guidance on how to incorporate Healthcare Identifiers into their business processes and increase adoption. Change management activities should focus on end to end business processes and how healthcare providers use identifiers in their clinical systems and in communication with other providers.

While there is a considerable body of documentation and resources available, much of this is focussed on the GP environment and does not effectively take into consideration the variability in structures and requirements of different types of health organisations.

The high level of localisation that is required introduces major complexity for change management, training and support activities, and implications for the level of resourcing that is required. NEHTA is having to take a very “hands on” approach to supporting organisations even to register for an HPI-O and will be dedicating resources to this function.

The current implementation support resources could be expanded if the DHS Business Development Officers were utilised as part of the engagement team. While this would require additional funding (as it would be an expansion of their current role), it would have the advantage of leveraging an existing support infrastructure with an understanding of DHS guidelines and requirements, in each State and Territory.

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