Comorbidity treatment service model evaluation


Page last updated: August 2009

This section presents findings from the comorbidity treatment service model evaluation survey. These are organised in accordance with the program logic domains and sub-domains. Pertinent findings of the literature review are included in the relevant sections.

In reporting the findings, care has been taken to preserve confidentiality. Therefore, in some instances references to other services or locations have been replaced with a general term, such as 'name of service' or 'name of location'. The terms 'services' and 'programs' are used interchangeably, and treatment services that participated in the evaluation are referred to as 'services' or 'respondents'.

Staff, particular those in larger services, indicated that some numbers are estimates (e.g. the number of years staff have worked in the service). However, the survey responses provided were not clear which numbers are actual and which are estimates.



Service system elements I (policies and procedures)

Service system elements II (practices)

Client impact


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