Comorbidity treatment service model evaluation

Training budget

Page last updated: August 2009

Twelve services provided figures or percentages for their training budgets. Funding for supervision ranges between $200 to $1,000 per person per year (n=8) with an average of $590, or between two and five per cent of the program budget (n=4). Several respondents reported that this is funded from a range of sources that they did not specify, and often part of the program budget. Only two services listed funding sources (i.e. DoHA and NADA). Several respondents noted that funding for staff training is flexible and depends on staff need; for example, as identified during the annual staff performance review. One service noted that training is a priority and funds for training are actively sought by the Deputy CEO. Further, some services seek out free training courses, such as ASIST.27

One large service stated that funds for staff training are not part of the budget, but staff are encouraged to attend training and funding is sourced as needed. A medium-sized organisation noted that 'this amount varies depending on the amount stipulated in each contract. We have often spent a lot of time writing submissions for training and spend more money at various times, depending on the success of the tenders'.


27 Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training