The following summarises the legislation applicable in each State and Territory as it applies to the issues surrounding discarded N&S and NSP. This review applies to legislation that is currently in force within each State and Territory at the time this report was prepared. Definitions and/or sections of legislation have in some instances been edited to only include those sections or sub-sections that are specifically pertinent to the management of needles and syringes (ie. numbers may appear out of order, or the word "and" left at the end of a sentence). This has been done to indicate that the relevant section of an Act/Regulation does contain more provisions, but none relevant to this project and as such not included to conserve space and relevancy.

This review is not a legal interpretation of the various legislation as it applies to individuals or organisations in relation to issues associated with discarded N&S and the function of NSP's particularly in relation to used N&S. This review is provided as an overview of the identified key areas of legislation that are of applicable interest to this project. Individuals/organisations are advised to seek legal advice on the applicability of specific legislation to their activities and not rely on this document.

Classification of used needles and syringes

Disposal of needles and syringes

Domestic waste disposal


General pollution provisions

Public health provisions

Possession of needles and syringes

NSP enabling/authorisation legislation

Local government