Return on investment in needle and syringe programs in Australia: report

5.4 Number of cases of HIV and HCV avoided

Page last updated: 2002

The estimates of the number of cases of HIV and HCV avoided as a result of the availability of NSPs during the 1990s are detailed in Section 3, and in Table 3.4.5 and Table 3.5.5 in Appendix C. The outcomes have also been illustrated previously in Figure 4.2 and Figure 4.3.

In summary, approximately 25,000 cases of HIV infection and 21,000 cases of HCV infection are estimated to have been avoided as result of NSP activities during the 1990s. Of those with HCV infection, approximately 16,000 persons would develop chronic hepatitis C. By the year 2010, some 4,500 deaths from HIV are estimated as being avoided, approximately 650 fewer people would be living with cirrhosis and 90 HCV-related deaths would have been prevented.