The authors would like to thank the members of the Reference Group who provided advice and guidance through this project. Members of the Reference Group, and the bodies they represented, were:

  • Liz Sutton, Association for Prevention and Harm Reduction Programs (Anex)
  • Lisa Ryan, BBVSS committee representative and NSW Health
  • Deborah Warneke-Arnold, Hepatitis Australia
  • Fiona Poeder, Australian Injecting and Illicit Drug Users' League
  • Kate Dolan, National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre
  • Stuart Roberts, Australian Liver Association
  • Nick Walsh, Australasian Society of HIV Medicine
  • Michael Wooldridge, MACASHH Committee
  • Don Baxter, Australian Federation of AIDS Organisations
  • Patrick Smith, Robyn Davies, Drug Strategy Branch Department of Health and Ageing.
The authors would like to thank each of the state and territory health department representatives for their valuable input, provision of data, and guidance throughout this project. These representatives were:
  • John Didlick (ACT)
  • Owen Westcott, Rose Mason (NSW)
  • James Broadfoot (NT)
  • Robert Kemp (Qld)
  • Stephen Lymb (SA)
  • Francine Smith (Tas)
  • Roland Jauernig (Vic)
  • Judith Bevan (WA)
The authors would also like to thank Anne Magnus, Deakin University, Andrew Dalton, University of Melbourne, Jen Power, ARCSHS, and Louisa Wright and James Jansson, NCHECR, for technical assistance.

The work presented in this report was directly commissioned and funded by the Commonwealth of Australia Department of Health and Ageing. The National Centre in HIV Epidemiology and Clinical Research is funded by the Australian Government Department of Health and Ageing and is affiliated with the Faculty of Medicine, The University of New South Wales. Its work is overseen by the Ministerial Advisory Committee on AIDS, Sexual Health and Hepatitis.