For the economic analysis, healthcare costs for HIV were estimated by CD4 strata and antiretroviral therapy (ARV). Cost per year without ARVs ranged from $1,520 for CD4 count greater than 500 to $5,500 for CD4 less than 200. First line ARVs cost $14,600 per year, second line $15,200 per year and third and subsequent line $27,800 per year. HCV related healthcare costs were derived for seven health states (see Appendix C). Healthcare costs ranged from $288 per year for diagnosed early disease to $114,400 per year for patients requiring liver transplant (see Table 1). Patient/client and carer costs for HIV healthcare used in the secondary analysis were estimated to be $1,020 per year for CD4 greater than 500 to $3,500 per year for CD4 less than 200. For HCV, costs ranged from $860 per year for early stage disease to $13,700 for liver transplant. See brief methods section and Appendix C for detail about the cost of healthcare for both infections.

Productivity cost of HIV and HCV were estimated using the Friction Cost Approach assuming replacement of sick or deceased workers in three months with 3% discounting (see Appendix D). HIV and HCV were estimated to cost $24,000 to $25,600 per new infection respectively with uncertainty boundaries from $13,000 to $36,000. Since these estimates were based on relatively uncertain data of the impact of HIV and HCV on workforce participation by NSPs clients, they were used in a secondary analysis for illustration purposes only.