Treatment service users (TSU) project: phase two

Appendix 5: Interview guide

Page last updated: March 2011

While the interviews were conducted in a conversational style, they included a number of central thematic questions relating to consumer participation and the demonstration projects:

Round One:

  • Knowledge and understanding of consumer participation (consumers and providers)

  • Extent of current consumer participation activities (consumers and providers)

  • Level of awareness of the demonstration project

  • Involvement in the development of the demonstration project

  • Level of interest in consumer participation

  • Perceived barriers to consumer participation

  • Ways in which consumers would like to be involved in the service (consumers)

  • Ways in which service providers would like consumer to be involved (providers)

  • Perceptions of what is needed in terms of funding, skills building to achieve increased consumer participation (consumers and providers)

  • Level of personal interest in consumer participation (consumers and providers)
Round Two:
  • The extent of changes in consumer satisfaction with service quality and delivery (consumers)

  • Changes in attitudes of consumers towards providers and vice versa (consumers and providers)

  • Changes in communication between consumers and providers (consumers and providers)

  • Changes in communication among consumers (consumers)

  • The extent of capacity building in relation to the consumer participation model for consumers and providers (knowledge, skills, confidence) (consumers and providers)

  • Direct and indirect outcomes of the project as perceived by consumers and providers (consumers and providers)

  • Estimating monetary and time costs of implementing the model (consumers and providers)

  • Strengths and weaknesses of model (consumers and providers)

  • Attitudes (consumer and providers)

  • Ongoing barriers (consumers and providers)