Implementation of the Strategy is everyone’s business

Suicide prevention necessarily involves, in different ways, all sectors and levels of government, the non-government and community sectors, communities themselves and research and training institutions. The action areas identify key outcomes of the Strategy. Some actions entail multi-agency collaboration and multiple lines of responsibility, while others are more specialised.

Over a 10 year period, the Strategy will aim to achieve measurable improvements in each of the identified target areas and within this timeframe it is possible and appropriate to set targets in consultation with the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Mental Health Advisory Group which can be related to the National Mental Health Commission’s National Report Card and the Roadmap for National Mental Health Reform 2012-2022. Longer-term capacity building (eg data development, building the community sector, building the evidence base, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander workforce participation, evaluation of outcomes of specific initiatives and of the overall strategy) will yield reportable outcomes over the 5 and 10 year periods of the Strategy.