The following organisations contributed research housed in the primary source document Australian and New Zealand Consumer Guidelines for Anorexia Nervosa which contains the full list of recommendations: Eating Disorders Association of NSW Inc; Eating Disorders Foundation of NSW Inc; Eating Disorders Foundation of Victoria Inc; Eating Disorders Association of South Australia; Eating Disorders Association of Queensland Inc and Eating Disorders Association of New Zealand Inc.

Co-writer and Editor - Jonine Penrose-Wall, Consultant Editorial Manager, RANZCP Clinical Practice Guideline Program.

Content was used from the Clinical Practice Guideline for Health Professionals for Anorexia Nervosa developed by an expert committee and was coordinated by Professor Pierre Beumont (Chair) and Professor S Touyz, (Australia).

Ms Daphne Beumont, Ms Sarah Maguire and Ms Peta Marks assisted that research. Commonwealth Mental Health and Special Programs Branch funded the development of this guideline under Australia's National Mental Health Strategy.

We appreciate permission to use excerpts from Anorexia Nervosa (2002) revised edition by the Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand, which enhanced a New Zealand consumer and carer perspective to this guideline.

The RANZCP drew on material published by the Medical Practitioner's Board of Victoria and the American Psychiatric Association in preparing this brochure.

This project is funded by the Australian Government Department of Health and Ageing, and the New Zealand Ministry of Health.