How this guide was developed

This guide was developed by consumers and carers. It was informed by a research process involving Eating Disorders Associations and Foundations nationally whose members consulted widely to develop a list of 118 recommendations ('guidelines'). These were recorded in a background research document, Australian and New Zealand Consumer Guidelines for Anorexia Nervosa (Loveridge, 2001). The research gathered strategies from people with personal experience of anorexia nervosa, both consumers and family members, after their consideration of issues and problems experienced with this illness. This document can be viewed on websites or obtained from these organisations.

We then held an editorial workshop with the RANZCP editor and agreed to a prioritised list of questions of consumers and carers that would be answered by this guide. We answered those questions from the original list of consumer and carer recommendations to complete Section 2. We then applied the research from the expert guideline development team's literature searching on the epidemiology and treatment effectiveness research to develop Section 1.

We appreciated permission from the Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand to include content from their rigorously developed resource on anorexia. We invited New Zealand eating disorders organisations to appraise our drafts.

Each draft of this guide was appraised against the National Health and Medical Research Council's (2000) guide for developing consumer Clinical Practice Guidelines and the DISCERN Instrument's (Charnock, 1998) quality criteria for developing consumer treatment guidelines. These appraisals were done by the co-writer and editor and by an independent group of 30 consumers and carers. Professionals working with people with anorexia nervosa also appraised and reviewed the guidelines. The committee especially thanks the following people for contributing to the research:

Pamela Stanley - Eating Disorders Association of NSW
Margaret Edgley - Eating Disorders Association of NSW
Marian Gill - Eating Disorders Association of NSW
Katherine Gill - Eating Disorders Association of NSW
Carmel Jones - Eating Disorders Association of NSW
Ursula Clare - Chairperson, Eating Disorders Association of SA
Janine Phillips - Executive Board Member Eating Disorders Association of SA
Cina Mastrantone - Eating Disorders Association of SA
Helen Jenkins - Project Officer, Eating Disorders Association of SA
Sophia Liddy - Eating Disorders Association of Victoria
Karen Elford - Executive Officer, Eating Disorder Association of Victoria
Jewel Pyne - Secretary, Eating Disorders Association NZ Inc
Carol Drew - Education Field Worker, Eating Disorders Assn NZ Inc
Joanne Blair - Eating Disorders Association Qld
Julia Arnold - Eating Disorders Association Qld Resource Centre.