Can you explain that term?

Consumer – Person diagnosed with anorexia nervosa (primary consumer).

Patient - A consumer when currently undergoing assessment, treatment or follow-up. While the word 'consumer' is used in mental health settings, anorexia nervosa is treated by medical teams where the word patient is more commonly used.

Family / carer - Persons who have a close relationship to the person with anorexia nervosa that also involves an element of responsibility and caring for the patient's health and wellbeing, but does not refer to health professionals caring for the patient.

Treatment Centres - Facilities that provide formal treatment for anorexia nervosa.

Health Professional - Professionals (including mental health professionals) who provide assessment, treatment and follow-up: psychiatrist, psychologist, general practitioner, dietician, nurse, occupational therapist, family therapist, social worker, medical specialist, counsellor.

What do these acronyms mean?

BMI - Body Mass Index
CBT - Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
ECG - Echo Cardiogram
GP - General Practitioner
HRT - Hormone Replacement Therapy
SSRI - Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor