The mental health of Australians 2

3. Service use

Page last updated: May 2009

A key aim of the 2007 survey was to obtain an up-to-date and detailed picture of the health services people use for their mental health problems. This chapter provides information on the characteristics of people who used services in the 12 months prior to interview and the types of health professionals they consulted.

The survey collected information on hospital admissions and consultations for mental health problems with a wide range of service providers, including general practitioners; mental health professionals, such as psychologists, psychiatrists and mental health nurses; health professionals not working in mental health services, such as other medical doctors, social workers and nurses; and practitioners of complementary and alternative medicine. Information was also collected on the use of medication for mental health problems.

People were also asked if their needs for services were met and, for those who did not use services, whether they needed services, but had not received these.

3.1 Service use in the Australian population

3.2 Service use by people with 12 month mental disorders

3.3 People with mental disorders who did not use services

3.4 Perception of need for services

3.5 Service providers and patterns of service use