National mental health information priorities 2nd edition

1.3 - Purpose of the national mental health information priorities second edition

Page last updated: June 2005

Much has been achieved over the past decade, but the task is far from complete. As discussed later, the upgrading of outdated systems and development of nationally consistent information collections has created the foundation for an 'informed mental health system'. The potential is there, but new initiatives are required to foster a culture of using and applying information in ways that support and improve service delivery.

Converting the potential to a reality is the primary focus of this 'second edition' statement of national information priorities for mental health. The purpose of the document is to:

  • provide a stocktake of progress in information development achieved so far under the National Mental Health Strategy;

  • identify the key tasks that lie ahead to promote the application and use of information for improving mental health services; and

  • map out the priorities that will guide the ongoing collaboration between all major parties in the further development of mental health information over the period of the National Mental Health Plan 2003-2008 and beyond.
The work program outlined represents both a consolidation and logical extension of the directions taken over the course of the Strategy and is aligned with the key themes of the National Mental Health Plan 2003-2008.