National mental health information priorities 2nd edition

Part 2: Stocktake of progress

Page last updated: June 2005

Information development under the National Mental Health Strategy has to date covered a diverse array of initiatives including national agreement on data standards, establishment of new data collections and specific research and development projects designed to point the way for the future. Aspects of the work undertaken have no international precedent and required considerable innovation.

This section summarises the main elements of the information foundation that has been built over the past decade.

2.1 Information to monitor the National Mental Health Strategy

2.2 Information about Australia's mental health

2.3 National minimum datasets for mental health services

2.4 Introduction of routine consumer outcome measures

2.5 Developments in the private hospital sector

2.6 Development of casemix for mental health

2.7 National mental health outcomes and casemix protocol

2.8 Upgrading of information systems

2.9 National infrastructure to support an outcomes focus

2.10 Performance indicator framework for mental health services

2.11 Developments in primary mental health care