National mental health information priorities 2nd edition

4.11 - Summary of priorities

Page last updated: June 2005

Table 3 summarises the 42 priorities that will provide the focus of future national mental health information development activities.

Table 3: Summary of national information development priorities for mental health

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Using outcome measurement to improve mental health care

Consolidation activities:
  • Completing the basic implementation tasks
  • Local reporting systems to facilitate utilisation of consumer outcomes data
  • National analysis and reporting
  • Expert Advisory Groups
New initiatives:
  • Review and refinement of clinical outcome measures for adult, child & adolescent and older persons
  • Enhancement of consumer self-report measures
  • Development of measures of carer outcomes and perceptions of care
  • Information about Indigenous consumer outcomes
  • Development of measures of consumer perceptions of care
  • Measures designed for older persons

Further development of a mental health casemix classification

Consolidation activities:
  • Completing the implementation of the MH-CASC collection requirements
  • Promoting the understanding and application of casemix in mental health services
New initiatives:Top of page
  • Trialing and refinement of the classification

Using information to improve safety in mental health care

Consolidation activities:
  • Monitoring the implementation of national standards
  • Full implementation and use of incident monitoring systems
New initiatives:
  • Development of national indicators of safety in mental health care
  • Using local information collections and related data sources in safety and quality improvement processes

Establishing performance indicators and benchmarking in mental healths services

Consolidation activities:
  • Implementing the agreed key performance indicators
New initiatives:
  • Further development of the national performance framework for mental health
  • Establishment of benchmarking forums
  • National reporting on the performance of the mental health system

Strengthening workforce uptake and capacity to use information

Consolidation activities:
  • Continuing training programs in data collection protocols and measurement instruments
New initiatives:
  • Communication strategy for promoting industry awareness of information development objectives
  • Building competency in information use amongst clinical leaders and service managers
  • Accreditation systems for professional trainers
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Improving national minimum data sets for mental health care

Consolidation activities:
  • Transfer of the National Survey of Mental Health Services to a National Minimum Data Set for Mental Health Establishments
  • Progressive integration of the Mental Health National Outcomes and Casemix Collection (NOCC) within admitted patient, community care and residential care minimum data sets
  • Review of National Minimum Data Set for Admitted Patients – Mental Health Care
New initiatives:
  • Enhancement of National Minimum Data Set – Community Mental Health Care
  • Development of nationally agreed mental health intervention codes
  • Review of other health and welfare data collections and concepts to improve relevance to mental health requirements

Information to support mental health care provided external to the specialist sector

New initiatives:
  • Further development of outcome measures to enhance the role of general practitioners
  • Information support for improving emergency department mental health care

Monitoring population mental health and wellbeing

Consolidation activities:
  • Continuation of a mental health component in general and specialist National Health Surveys
New initiatives:
  • Strategic framework for population mental health surveillance
  • Future National Surveys of Mental Health and Wellbeing

Information to support mental health prevention and promotion

New initiatives:
  • Development of a 'promotion and prevention scorecard' to monitor State and Territory programs
  • Targeted information collections and data linkage to monitor outcomes of specific prevention programs
  • Incorporation of mental health literacy components in existing health surveys
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Monitoring and reporting of progress under the national mental health strategy

Consolidation activities:
  • Continued collection and reporting of national data on mental health resourcing
New initiatives:
  • Future monitoring of the National Mental Health Strategy
  • Evaluation of National Mental Health Plan 2003-2008