The national framework for recovery-oriented mental health services was developed under the guidance of the Mental Health, Drug and Alcohol Principal Committee.

The Committee acknowledges the significant work of the Safety and Quality Partnership Standing Committee, currently chaired by Associate Professor John Allan and formerly by Dr Ruth Vine, as well as the members of the Recovery Working Group for their tireless work and support in oversight of this framework.

The framework was informed by extensive research, submissions and consultations, as well as by a wealth of articles, reports and policy documents both national and international. Most importantly, the framework was informed by the stories, pictures, thoughts and viewpoints of people with a lived experience of mental health issues, both in their own personal experience and in the lives of those close to them.

Appreciation and thanks are extended to the many people who provided extensive feedback and comments during the development of the framework, particularly to those people with a lived experience, their carers and mental health clinicians who contributed so much of their time and expertise, participated in the public consultations and contributed their stories of lived experience. Thanks also to those who assisted in finalising the framework. Special thanks go to Dr Leanne Craze of Craze Lateral Solutions, the key author of the framework; and to Ms Pauline Miles and Ms Carolyn Fyfe, the artists whose works illustrate this guide.

The framework has benefited greatly from the wisdom and unique experience of many people with mental health issues in their own lives or in the lives of their loved ones.