National mental health report 2013

1.5 Structure of the current report

Page last updated: 2013

This report is presented in four parts, followed by a set of appendices:

  • Part 1 outlines the purpose of the report and sets the scene by providing an overview of the National Mental Health Strategy.
  • Part 2 presents system‑level indicators of mental health resourcing and service delivery in Australia. It is organised around five groups of indicators (national spending on mental health, national workforce trends, trends in state and territory mental health services, trends in private sector mental health services, and consumer and carer participation in mental health care).
  • Part 3 is dedicated to monitoring the actions of the Fourth National Mental Health Plan. It is organised around the Plan’s five priority areas, and describes progress in implementation of key action areas and presents data for relevant indicators.
  • Part 4 presents jurisdiction‑level indicators, and includes resourcing indicators on the provision of mental health services and selected indicators reported at a national level in Part 2.
  • The appendices identify the sources of data used in the report and provide explanatory notes on selected indicators.