National mental health report 2013

1.6 Conventions used in the current report

Page last updated: 2013

Several conventions are used to improve the readability of this report.

  • Financial years are generally presented in a standard format (for example, 2010‑11 refers to the year from 1 July 2010 to 30 June 2011). Occasionally, financial years are abbreviated by referring to the last calendar year of the pair (for example, 2010‑11 is abbreviated to 2011 and the period 1992‑93 to 2010‑11 is abbreviated to 1993‑2011).
  • Unless otherwise stated, all expenditure and revenue are expressed in 2010‑11 constant prices.
  • Unless otherwise stated, all population data are expressed as crude (non‑age standardised) rates.
  • In general, figures are rounded to whole numbers and decimal points are only used in the text, figures and tables when an individual number in the series is less than 10. The effect of this rounding is that totals do not always equal 100%.
  • Government bodies, initiatives and reports are referred to by their full name the first time they are mentioned in a given section but are often abbreviated on subsequent mentions (for example, the Council of Australian Goverments is sometimes referred to as 'COAG', the 'National Mental Health Strategy' is sometimes referred to as 'the Strategy' and the Fourth National Mental Health Plan is sometimes referred to as the Fourth Plan).