National mental health report 2013

3.2 Priority area 1: Social inclusion and recovery

Page last updated: 2013

Progress of actions under this priority area

The Fourth National Mental Health Plan lists seven actions that relate to social inclusion and recovery. Progress has been made on five of these (see Appendix 3). By way of example, considerable activity has occurred in relation to Action Area 4, which involves adopting a recovery oriented culture within mental health services that is underpinned by appropriate values and service models. A National Mental Health Recovery Framework that is designed to support implementation of a recovery oriented culture in all mental health services is being finalised. In addition, a National Recovery Forum was held in June 2012 at which three international experts gave keynote addresses. This enabled exchange about the implementation of a recovery oriented culture, and provided an opportunity to promote the development of the National Mental Health Recovery Framework.

Indicator 1a: Participation rates by people with mental illness of working age in employment: general population

Indicator 2a: Participation rates by young people aged 16-30 with mental illness in education and employment: general population

Indicator 3: Rates of stigmatising attitudes within the community

Indicator 4: Percentage of mental health consumers living in stable housing