National mental health report 2013

3.3 Priority area 2: Prevention and early intervention

Page last updated: 2013

Progress of actions under this priority area

The Fourth National Mental Health Plan lists eight actions that relate to prevention and early intervention. Progress has been made on five of these (see Appendix 3). A key example is the activity that has occurred in relation to Action Area 10, which involves expanding community based youth mental health services which are accessible and combine primary health care, mental health services and alcohol and other drug services. Funding was provided in the 2011-12 Federal Budget for 90 fully sustainable headspace sites across Australia by 2014-15. Seventy sites have been announced, and 40 are currently operational. When fully established, these sites w ill help up to 72,000 young people each year.

Indicator 6: Proportion of primary and secondary schools with mental health literacy component included in curriculum

Indicator 7: Rates of contact with primary mental health care by children and young people

Indicator 8: Rates of use of licit and illicit drugs that contribute to mental illness in young people

Indicator 9: Rates of suicide in the community

Indicator 11: Rates of understanding of mental health problems and mental illness in the community

Indicator 12: Prevalence of mental illness