National mental health report 2013

3.4 Priority area 3: Service access, coordination and continuity of care

Page last updated: 2013

Progress of actions under this priority area

The Fourth National Mental Health Plan lists seven actions that relate to service access, coordination and continuity of care. Progress has been made on two of these (see Appendix 3). By way of example, substantial progress has been made on Action Area 16 which involves better targeting services and addressing service gaps through cooperative and innovative service models for the delivery of primary mental health care. The 2011-12 Federal Budget allocated resources to address service gaps in the delivery of primary mental health care, including doubling the funding for the Access to Allied Psychological Services (ATAPS) initiative and providing new funding for the Partners in Recovery program. ATAPS offers access to psychological services for people with common mental disorders like depression and anxiety, employing a service delivery model that is managed by Medicare Locals. Partners in Recovery aims to better support people with severe and persistent mental illness with complex needs and their carers and families, by encouraging collaboration between the multiple services with which they come into contact.

Indicator 13: Percentage of population receiving mental health care

Indicator 14: Readmission to hospital within 28 days of discharge

Indicator 15: Rates of pre-admission community care

Indicator 16: Rates of post-discharge community care

Indicator 19: Prevalence of mental illness among homeless populations

Indicator 20a: Prevalence of mental illness among people who are remanded or newly sentenced to adult correctional facilities