The primary target audience for the Plan is:

  • Public and private mental health services: mental health service managers; providers; professionals; and other staff 2
  • Mental health consumers and their carers and families
  • Mental health policy makers and
  • Mental health advocates.
The primary target audience reflects stakeholders that are primarily concerned with mental health consumers. It is recognised that there may be specific considerations for different mental health service settings, for example child and adolescent mental health services, older persons mental health services, forensic mental health services and for different groups of consumers, including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders and people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds. These considerations need to be addressed when planning and implementing safety improvement strategies and activities.

The secondary audience reflects sectors other than mental health services, where there is an opportunity to influence policies and protocols, processes or to improve working relationships. These secondary audiences include:
  • Acute health care services more broadly than acute mental health care, particularly rural acute health care services
  • Emergency primary care services including emergency departments
  • Emergency services: ambulances, police, air services, and other transport providers
  • Primary health care services including general practitioners and allied health services
  • Health professionals and health policy makers working in the area of safety and quality
  • Non-government organisations providing support services to people experiencing mental illness and mental disorders and
  • Other service sectors, such as drug and alcohol, housing, disability and community services.
Each priority area may emphasise slightly different priority audiences while some priorities have broader relevance across a range of sectors. The extent to which each target audience is actively involved will also vary depending on the strategy being implemented.


2 This audience is intended to be inclusive of specialist public mental health services in all settings, (adult services, child and adolescent services, older persons services and other services) and private hospital mental health services, and where applicable private office-based psychiatry. Public specialised mental health services is inclusive of acute and community health services.