National safety priorities in mental health: a national plan for reducing harm

Appendix 2 - Australian Council for Safety and Quality in Health Care Resources

Page last updated: October 2005

Resources published by the Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care are available at the ACSQHC publications page on the ACSQHC website (

A selected list of resources follows. Many of these resources are directly relevant to mental health service provision, particularly inpatient care.

Fact Sheets

  • National Open Disclosure Standard
  • Minimum data set for safety and quality
  • Hospital assessment and review
  • Adverse event rates
  • Charting the safety and quality of health care
  • Better practice guidelines on complaints management
  • Credentialling and finding the scope of clinical practice
  • Human Factors in Health Care
  • Safety Innovations in Practice program
  • 5 step correct patient, correct site, correct procedure protocol
  • Incident Management Systems
  • National Medication Chart
  • Pharmaceutical Review: Improving Medication Safety in Hospitals
  • Sentinel Events
  • Ten Tips for Safer Health Care
  • Introducing the Australian Council for Safety and Quality in Health Care

Recent publications

  • Achieving Safety and Quality Improvements in Health Care - Sixth Report to the Australian Health Ministers' Conference
  • Partnerships for health in action: promoting consumer and community involvement in health care improvement
  • State and Territory Highlights: Improving Patient Safety
  • The Governance of Health Safety and Quality - A Discussion Paper
  • National Patient Safety Education Framework and Bibliography
  • A Patient Safety Management Systems Checklist
  • Clinical Handover and Patient Safety - Literature Review Report
  • Safe Staffing Consultation Report
  • Credentialling and Defining the Scope of Clinical Practice Handbook
  • Charting the Safety and Quality of Health Care in Australia
  • Standard for credentialling and defining the scope of clinical practice
  • Better Practice Guidelines on Complaints Management for Health Care Services and accompanying Complaints Management Handbook
  • Report on the Safety Innovations In Practice (SIIP) Program Mark II
  • Setting the human factor standards for health care: Do lessons from Aviation Apply?
  • Emerging Issues for Systems' Improvement: National Implications
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