National standards for mental health services 2010

Standard 4. Diversity responsiveness

Page last updated: 2010

The MHS delivers services that take into account the cultural and social diversity of its consumers and meets their needs and those of their carers and community throughout all phases of care.


The MHS identifies the diverse groups (Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander, Culturally And Linguistically Diverse (CALD), religious/ spiritual beliefs, gender, sexual orientation, physical and intellectual disability, age and socio-economic status) that access the service.
The MHS whenever possible utilises available and reliable data on identified diverse groups to document and regularly review the needs of its community and communicates this information to staff.
Planning and service implementation ensures differences and values of its community are recognised and incorporated as required.
The MHS has demonstrated knowledge of and engagement with other service providers or organisations with diversity expertise/ programs relevant to the unique needs of its community.
Staff are trained to access information and resources to provide services that are appropriate to the diverse needs of its consumers.
The MHS addresses issues associated with prejudice, bias and discrimination in regards to its own staff to ensure non-discriminatory practices and equitable access to services.