National standards for mental health services 2010

Standard 8. Governance, leadership and management

Page last updated: 2010

The MHS is governed, led and managed effectively and efficiently to facilitate the delivery of quality and coordinated services.


The governance of the MHS ensures that its services are integrated and coordinated with other services to optimise continuity of effective care for its consumers and carers.
The MHS has processes to ensure accountability for developing strategies to promote mental health and address early identification and prevention of mental health problems and/or mental illness.
The MHS develops and regularly reviews its strategic plan in conjunction with all relevant service providers. The plan incorporates needs analysis, resource planning and service evaluation. This should be developed with the participation of staff, stakeholders, consumers, carers and representatives of its community.
The MHS has processes in place to ensure compliance with relevant Commonwealth, state/ territory mental health legislation and related Acts.
Identified resources are allocated to support the documented priorities of the MHS.
The recruitment and selection process of the MHS ensures that staff have the skills and capability to perform the duties required of them.
Staff are appropriately trained, developed and supported to safely perform the duties required of them.
The MHS has a policy and process to support staff during and after critical incidents.
The MHS manages and maintains an information system that facilitates the appropriate collection, use, storage, transmission and analysis of data to enable review of services and outcomes at an individual consumer and MHS level in accordance with Commonwealth, state/ territory legislation and related Acts.
The MHS has an integrated risk management policy and practices to identify, evaluate, monitor, manage and communicate organisational and clinical risks.
The MHS has a formal quality improvement program incorporating evaluation of its services that result in changes to improve practice.