People living with psychotic illness 2010

21. Appendices

Page last updated: November 2011

21.1 Notes

  1. All percentages in the tables in the appendices use the total sample as the denominator unless otherwise indicated. The base numbers are: 1,087 male participants and 738 female participants; 773 participants aged 18-34 years and 1,052 participants aged 35-64 years; and a total of 1,825 participants.

  2. Tables that cover all coding options for a variable, whether aggregated or disaggregated, will include 100% and the denominators on which percentages are based in the bottom two rows. In some cases, percentages will not add to 100.0% due to rounding error.

21.2 List of appendicies

Appendix 1. Background, aims and methodology
Appendix 2. Prevalence estimates. Explanatory notes
Appendix 3. Sociodemographic profile
Appendix 4. Mental health profile
Appendix 5. Suicidality
Appendix 6. Functioning and impairment
Appendix 7. Physical health profile
Appendix 8. Substance use
Appendix 9. Cognition
Appendix 10. Income and employment
Appendix 11. Social roles
Appendix 12. Housing and homelessness
Appendix 13. Stigma, victimisation and community safety
Appendix 14. Health service utilisation
Appendix 15. Medication use and psychosocial interventions
Appendix 16. Mental health service provision in the non-government sector
Appendix 17. Consultations in general medical practices
Appendix 18. Support, needs and satisfaction
Appendix 19. How things have changed since 1997-98
Appendix 20. Survey management and research teams
Appendix 21. Glossary
Appendix 22. References