People living with psychotic illness 2010

Appendix 20. Survey management and research teams

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Technical Advisory Group

The second national survey of psychosis, the Survey of High Impact Psychosis (SHIP), was commissioned by the Australian Government Department of Health and Ageing under contract to The University of Western Australia.

The survey was managed by a Technical Advisory Group, which oversaw, contributed to and approved the study protocol and procedures, including the interview and assessment schedule.

Appendix table 20-1 lists the members of the Technical Advisory Group.

In addition, Prof Stan Catts and Prof Phil Mitchell were members of the Technical Advisory Group in Phase 1 (Instrument development phase). Prof Vera Morgan, Assist. Prof Anna Waterreus and Prof Assen Jablensky had overall responsibility for the development of the interview and assessment schedule. In particular, Assist. Prof Anna Waterreus oversaw the production of the interview schedule, including coordinating responses, sourcing and integrating available resources and producing drafts of modules for further discussion and refinement.

The following individuals made invaluable contributions to the development of specific modules: Prof Johanna Badcock (Brief Cognitive Assessment Tool), Dr John Farhall and Assoc. Prof Carol Harvey (evidence base), Prof Assen Jablensky (Diagnostic Interview of Psychosis: Diagnostic Module), Dr Judith Jaeger (Multidimensional Scale of Independent Functioning), Assoc. Prof Frank Morgan offending and victimisation module), Dr Geoffrey Waghorn (employment and education modules), Assist. Prof Anna Waterreus (general practitioner survey; substance use section of the Diagnostic Interview of Psychosis: Diagnostic Module). Prof Johanna Badcock chaired the Brief Cognitive Assessment Tool subcommittee. Assist. Prof Sonal Shah played an integral role in data management and variable construction.

We also thank Dr Tim Slade for the provision of comparison data from the 2007 National Survey of Mental Health and Wellbeing, as well as those individuals who assisted in the preparation of this report, particularly Ms Marcelle Noja, Ms Michelle Warwick and Mr Bill Buckingham.

Appendix Table 20-1. Technical Advisory Group membership

Appendix table 20-1 is presented as a list in this HTML version for accessibility reasons. It is presented as a table in the PDF version.
  • Convenor / National Project Director - Prof Vera Morgan
  • National Project Coordinator - Assist. Prof Anna Waterreus
  • Chief Scientific Advisor - Prof Assen Jablensky
  • Chief Statistical Advisor - Prof Andrew Mackinnon
  • NSW1: Hunter New England - Dr Martin Cohen
  • NSW2: Orange - Dr Helen Stain
  • QLD: West Moreton - Prof John McGrath; Prof Robert Bush
  • SA: Northern Mental Health - Prof Cherrie Galletly
  • VIC1: North West Area Mental Health Service* - Assoc. Prof Carol Harvey; Prof Pat McGorry
  • VIC2: St Vincent's Mental Health Service - Prof David Castle
  • WA: Fremantle, Peel and Rockingham Kwinana - Prof Vera Morgan, Prof Assen Jablensky
  • Health Economics Adviser - Dr Amanda Neil
  • Community/Consumer/Carer Representative - Ms Barbara Hocking (SANE Australia)
  • Australian Government Department of Health and Ageing Representative - Ms Suzy Saw
  • Australian Schizophrenia Research Bank Representative - Prof Vaughan Carr

* Includes Orygen Youth Health clinical program

Catchment teams

Appendix table 20-2. Catchment site research teams

New England
North West
St Vincent's
Fremantle, Peel &
Rockingham Kwinana
Martin CohenHelen StainJohn McGrath

Robert Bush
Cherrie GalletlyCarol Harvey

Pat McGorry
David CastleVera Morgan

Assen Jablensky

Site data
Martin CohenHelen StainJohn McGrathCherrie GalletlyCarol HarveyDavid CastleVera Morgan
Catchment site
mental health
service director
Dinesh Arya Scott Clark

Robin Murray

Russell Roberts
Douglas ScottPeter Tyllis David MuirheadPeter BosanacSteve Addis

Mathew Samuel

Gordon Shymko

Linda Campbell

Mary-Claire Hanlon

Jennifer GreenAndrea BakerShaun SweeneyLaura Hayes

Abner Poon (deputy)
Maria HaydockJenny Griffith
Kerri Barrack

Lainie Drinkwater

Dominique Rich
Lauren Anthes

Katie Douglas

Emily Killen

Denika Novello
Fiona Barclay

Stacey Dixon

Belinda Hulse
Lynda Dixon

Michael Heath

Imelda Cairney

Robert Caley
Nicole Atkinson

Vicky Fenby

Cathy Harper

Suzy Turner
Lisa Bates

Andrew Brown

Jan Waterson
Richard Bush

Paula Edwards

Leslie-Anne Niven

Grahame Roddis

Kirsty Scholes

Mary-Claire HanlonJen Green Andrea BakerImelda CairneyLaura Hayes Lisa BatesKirsty Scholes