People living with psychotic illness 2010

Non-government services and case management

Page last updated: November 2011

Non-government organisations are a key component of the mental health care system, being publicly funded to provide a variety of mental health programs and support services to people with mental illness.

Non-government organisations

Three in ten (29.8%) people with psychotic illness received mental health services through non-government organisations in the past year.

Almost one quarter (22.4%) of people had attended a group rehabilitation program run by a non-government organisation and 90.0% found these programs somewhat or very helpful.

Non-government organisations also provide one-on-one support (figure 14).
  • Two thirds (68.6%) of people received counselling or emotional support.
  • Information on recovery planning was provided to 41.4% of people.
  • Many were helped to access other community services (45.4%) or link with other mental health services (36.6%).
An estimated 0.4 cases per 1,000 population aged 18-64 years or 6,200 people with psychotic illness were solely using mental health services provided by non-government organisations in March 2010. Many will have received mental health services in the preceding 11 months.

Three quarters (74.3%) were older, aged 35-64 years (figure 15). At interview, they were found to be less likely than public specialised mental health service users to report inpatient (32.7% versus 45.6%) or involuntary admissions (7.8% versus 22.7%), or have attended an emergency department (31.7% versus 43.0%) or outpatient clinic (65.9% versus 92.8%) in the past year.

Case managers

More than two thirds (69.2%) of people with psychotic illness had a case manager in the past year, with 61.6% provided by public services and 20.2% through non-government organisations.

Around two thirds of people were very satisfied with their case manager (table 3).

Three quarters were satisfied with the frequency of contact (76.5% for public service and 77.8% for non-government provided case mangers).

Personal helpers and mentors services

Personal helpers supported 12.3% of people, assisting 64.0% to manage daily activities and almost half (49.3%) of their clients with referrals to services, and by accompanying them to appointments and by acting as an advocate (both 45.3%).

Figure 14: Use of non-government organisation one-on-one support programs in past year

Refer to the following list for a text equivalent of figure 14: use of non-government organisation one-on-one support programs in past year"
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Text version of figure 14

Use of non-government organisation one-on-one support programs in past year:
  • Counselling or emotional support - 68.6%
  • Help to access other community services - 45.4%
  • Information about mental illness - 43.8%
  • Information on recovery planning - 41.4%
  • Support to link with mental health services - 36.6%
  • Home help - 32.2%
  • Free or cheap meals - 32%
  • Help to access education - 26.5%
  • Accommodation or help to find accommodation - 24.6%
  • Vocational training/ employment skills/ experience - 23%
  • Help to find or keep a job or volunteer work - 22.4%
  • Financial assistance/ material aid or help to access financial assistance/ material aid - 19.3%
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Figure 15: One-month treated prevalence for people solely in contact with non-government organisations

Refer to the following table for a text equivalent of figure 15: One-month treated prevalence for people solely in contact with non-government organisations

Text version of figure 15

AgeNumberProportion (%)
18 - 24 years4757.7
25 - 34 years1,12518.1
35 - 44 years1,73027.9
45 - 54 years1,89030.5
55 - 64 years98415.9
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Table 3: Case manager contact and satisfaction by sector

Contact/ satisfactionProportion of people (%) - public servicesProportion of people (%) - non-government services
Contact as often as preferred76.577.8
Frequency of contact - once every 1-4 weeks54.430.4
Frequency of contact - once a week or more28.164.0
Very satisfied with case manager62.269.6
Somewhat satisfied with case manager22.819.8