Quality framework for telephone counselling and internet-based support services

Quality area 4: Accountability

Page last updated: September 2008

Quality statement

Organisations will meet the funding, legal, financial, ethical and professional requirements in delivering core business.

Quality statement guidelines

4.1 Organisations will meet contractual obligations through achievement of deliverables and targets and report in a timely manner on outcomes.

4.1.1 Management will ensure that all activities are documentedessional and industry requirements.
4.2 Organisations will use structures, processes and procedures that support compliance with legislative, governance, professional and industry requirements.

4.2.1 Management will ensure that the organisation has these structures in place, and can demonstrate compliance.
4.3 Transparent systems will be used for ongoing management, monitoring and reporting of finances, activities and outcomes of the organisation.

4.4 Organisations will establish and implement effective complaints management processes.

4.4.1 Organisations will have a comprehensive, transparent complaints process that provides feedback, including a basis for continuous improvement.

4.4.2 Management will ensure that all staff and clients are aware of the processes.

4.5 Organisations will undertake risk assessment and service reviews to ensure that their services remain current and do no harm.

4.5.1 Management will ensure that risk assessments are undertaken as required and that risks are mitigated and reported to the executive.

4.5.2 Management will ensure that risk assessment is linked to overall planning for the organisation.