Self-harm: Australian treatment guide for consumers and carers, 2005

Authors, acknowledgements and quality statement

Page last updated: June 2005


  • Jonine Penrose-Wall – Consultant researcher RANZCP
  • Zoe Farris – Support Groups for Self-Harm, Mental Health Association (QLD) Inc
  • Priscilla Berkery – Chair, Advocacy Australia Inc
Funded by Australia's National Mental Health Strategy and New Zealand's Ministry of Health.

This guide is a research-based clinical practice guideline based on a thorough review of the medical and related literature. It was written in association with people who had recovered from self-harm and those working with them. The authors were also members of an expert committee developing a Clinical Practice Guideline for mental health professionals chaired by Prof Philip Boyce, Professor of Psychiatry, Department of Psychological Medicine, The University of Sydney.